Saturday, January 21, 2017

Personal Protective Equipment

When engineering and administrative controls cannot control the hazards of the work environment, employees may be required to wear appropriate PPE (including respiratory protection equipment. An integral part of successful PPE program is employee training. Employees need to know appropriate use of PPE, the company's policies and procedures regarding hazard control.

At the end of this session employees will understand:

  • The relationship between PPE, administrative controls, and engineering controls How to conduct a PPE Hazard Assessment and Certification Statement.
  • Various types of PPE and how to use them.
  • OSHA's responses to questions about implementation, including: who is required to pay for PPE, and who is responsible if an employee brings in his own PPE.
  • Simple, practical methods that ensure compliance with the OSHA standard and protect your employees.


Required by: OSHA 1910.132 (f)

Frequency: Initially when required to wear PPE and as necessary.

Target Audience: Any employee who is required to use personal protective equipment during employment.
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