Saturday, January 21, 2017

Safety Pays

Companies that embrace a strong safety culture realize the benefits of such a culture. According to the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, for every $1 invested in safety there is a savings of between $3 and $6. Companies realize the savings thru lower worker’s compensation and insurance costs, improved employee morale, productivity, and retention. (Reprint from September 25, 2005, issue of Business Week at Upfront costs of the safety program have a better return on investment than the costs of a catastrophic incident and fines, as well as fixing the safety program after the fact. Conducting a safety audit allows companies to identify the current status of their safety program. Clas Consulting provides quality third part audits to review your safety, health, emergency preparedness and environmental needs.

Clas Consulting is committed to making your facility as safe as possible. Whether your issues involve industrial hygiene, safety, first aid, safety training, or the increasing need to respond to emergency situations or disasters, Clas Consulting is dedicated to providing successful solutions.

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