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Our Capabilities

Clas Consulting was founded in 2000 to provide businesses with a partner in their Occupational Safety and Health and Risk Management programs. Clas Consulting is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of your business. Our consultants have a long history of individualized business consulting and real world experience in Disaster Response and Recovery: including Hurricane Katrina and the World Trade Center.

Clas Consulting has a proven track record of clearly conveying complex, jargon laden information to the public and community by using relevant examples, common terminology and concepts understood by a broad audience with various skill levels. Training venues have ranged from small groups of workers to top management presentations and to large audiences at national professional conferences and expositions.

Clas Consulting uses the expertise of our staff of certified industrial hygiene and safety personnel and our experienced instructors to efficiently address and meet your safety audit, training, occupational safety and health and emergency planning and business continuity needs.

Auditing and evaluating programs and systems is a skill that combines the best of technical includes: manufacturing and business facility audits for insurance companies; audit protocol development and auditing of government facilities, (FEMA). We have developed protocols for a variety of businesses and industries and have participated as an audit team leader for numerous audits. Our focus is safety and health and emergency preparedness and business continuity planning audits and audit program development. 


Our Offerings

Professionals, such as Certified Safety Professionals, Certified Industrial Hygienists, Emergency Management and Environmental Specialists with years of experience in developing and auditing all types of compliance programs and management systems. 

Detailed Audit and Evaluation questionnaires and protocols - for compliance, management systems, VPP, ISO 14000 and 900d, etc. We have a particular experience helping companies tailor evaluation criteria and audit protocols to their specific needs. We have an extensive library of protocols and evaluation criteria for many types of audits, both compliance and management systems.

We not only perform audits, we help train auditors.

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