Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sheltering/Evacuation Planning

After a disaster strikes, the displacement of residents can quickly overwhelm the resources of surrounding communities. Unfortunately, according to a report issue by the Department of Homeland Security, the majority of the nation’s states and cities have not developed comprehensive mass sheltering and evacuation strategies.

Following the criteria set forth in the Nationwide Plan Review, Clas Consulting supports organizations throughout the Sheltering and Evacuation Planning process. Our consultants facilitate group sessions with a cross-functional committee, which includes representation from first responder agencies, law enforcement, public works, American Red Cross, primary shelter providers and others.

Using a “worst case scenario” assumption, the committee reviews current sheltering options, medical support, transportation and communication and technology issues. Assessment reports on the client’s current sheltering and evacuation plan are prepared which pinpoint weaknesses and recommend improvements. In some cases, data gathered in after-action reports from prior disasters lend further clarity to the Sheltering and Evacuation Planning process.

The end result is a phase-by-phase strategy that includes the development of the related Emergency Operations Center procedures, staffing plans, evacuation implementation procedures, staff job descriptions and position guides specific to an evacuation event. The process to provide adequate food, shelter, water, and security for evacuees is documented in detail. Since Sheltering and Evacuation Planning is an ongoing process, Clas Consulting assists clients in continually modifying its strategy as its needs and capabilities change.


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